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My Top Ten Vegan Dislikes


1. Scent of beef and fish cooking, specifically Salmon!
2. Self-service buffets where salad selections are garnished with meat, generally pepperoni or strips of ham.
3. Served buffets where in fact the server utilizes exactly the same items to dish up meat and vegetarian selections.

4. Restaurants that do not provide a vegetarian choice.
5. The cooking of Chicken in supermarkets.
6. Automobile footwear product sales…. the awful stench from the burger vehicles.
7. Restaurants in which all tables come in full view and smelling distance from the carvery.
8. Airlines that constantly forget about you’ve pre-ordered a vegetarian meal.
9. Cookery programs on TV…. Let us have a vegetarian cooking programme for a change.
10. General lack of comprehension for my option becoming veggie.

They’re a few of my dislikes, if you or your vegetarian times want to increase this number please achieve this by making a reply.

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