Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine


Dr. Aheli Chowdhury


Dr. Aheli Chowdhury is a developmental professional with a PhD in Sociology from the Delhi School of Economics. She is founding trustee and director of a non-profit organization, JOSH, that has been working in Delhi on issues around improving education, youth development, governance and violence against women for more than a decade. She has vast experience of working with several international bodies like the World Bank, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, International Budget Partnership (IBP), USA, and others on issues of governance.

Ms. Violette Ghosh


Ms. Violette Ghosh ia a professional in one of the world’s most dynamic and challenging markets. She has created launch campaigns of multinational brands as they forayed into India. She has strategized and executed unique concepts in the market. Multinational clients, diverse target audiences, all have been bridged with clutter breaking communication strategies.

Mr. Nagendra Pratap


Mr. Nagendra Pratap is responsible for the development of educational products and services from scratch. All academic inputs on the product like content, teaching, test-series, study material and app based academic content is his responsibility. His work profile also includes training of marketing and sales people of the company about the product so that they may pitch the product to the right people and at the right time. Civil services test prep product is doing very well and I take great pride to mention that Civil Services product is now the largest revenue generator of the company.

Apart from the Civil Services Exam Prep, he is also engaged in book Publishing.

His current job is a combination of academics, operations, product development and partnerships & negotiations. This makes the whole gamut even more interesting.

Mr. S R Thomas Antony


Mr. S R Thomas Antony is a social development professional with expertise in policy solutions to some of the most pressing issues of the time such as school education, urban livelihoods, and governance. Thomas is presently working with National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) as a CEO leading the National Independent Schools Alliance.He is playing a crucial role in developing, strengthening, and scaling up the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), the national federation of associations of low-cost private schools.He also worked with NCPCR- National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in the Right to Education Division from 2011 to 2013.During this period, he was monitoring the implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009 in 60 Government schools in East Delhi. He  contributed to developing the Social Audit Tools for RTE Act 2009 monitoring through School Management Committees and Civil Society.Thomas Antony has vast work experience with organizations like Center for Civil Society, JOSH Joint Operation for Social Help, Aajeevika Bureau, Kotra Adivasi Sangathan, Mazdoor Kisan Sakthi  Sangathan, Right to Information Movement, Evidence- Human Rights Organization.  

Mr. Saurabh Sharma


Mr. Saurabh Sharma completed his Masters degree, in Sociology from Lucknow University. He began his work on Adolescent health under Unicef project in 2003. In 2004, he worked on an advocacy campaign on human rights and from there he moved to work on Right to Information Campaign. He worked very closely with Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and coordinated the biggest media campaign “Drive against Bribe” in 2006. He also worked very closely with Ms. Aruna Roy at grassroot level on issues MNREGA. He initiated ‘Youth Convention’ with MKSS (organization headed by Aruna Roy).

He is co-founder of JOSH an organization work with young people and poor community on issues of right to information, right to education and skill development. He is currently working in resettlement colonies and slums of Trilopuri, Delhi on issues of education.

He is Convener Delhi Right to Education Forum, represent core group of National Right to Education Forum, member National Campaign of People’s Right to Information. His organization was the youngest member of education committee formed by National Advisory Council under UPA government.

He has also work extensively in Delhi University and IIT Delhi on issues of transparency and governance. He had run many campaigns which aims to create awareness amongst students on issues of governance and responsible citizenship.