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Work Done By JOSH During Covid-19 Pandemic

The announcement of the lockdown and the pandemic has had an overbearing impact on the lives of the people, especially the marginalized. JOSH working in the slums and resettlement colony of Trilokpuri, East Delhi identified and provided dry ration kits to 400 most vulnerable families during the period of lockdown and thereafter.

Trilokpuri, a resettlement colony is a mixed population, with a large number of people living as tenants. They are mostly daily wage earners or employed in the informal sector doing odd jobs. Covid-19 had a huge impact on this community, as many of them lost their jobs and work during the lockdown and because of this pandemic.

JOSH reached out and identified the most vulnerable families and provided them with ration kits. These families were identified on the basis of their vulnerable status due to lack of ration cards and other documents to access food supplies from the Public Distribution System (PDS).