About Us

We’ve been contributing to our mission for the last 16 Years

Joint Operation for Social Help (JOSH) works with urban poor communities and youth on the issue of education in the resettlement colonies and slums of Trilokpuri and Kalyanpuri in East Delhi. For the past 16 JOSH has gained immense knowledge and relevant experience in highlighting issues and challenges faced by the most vulnerable and marginalized section of society.

JOSH has the following thematic areas of intervention:

➤ Improving Access To School Education

➤ Improving delivery of education and other benefits in Early Childhood Care Centres under the ICDS program

➤ Bolstering Capacity and Skill Building of Youth, especially young and adolescent girls

➤ Facilitating Redressal of all forms of complaints of violence and abuse against women

➤ The Malala Fund Girls Education